Mayan Pyramid Found to Have a 3rd Inner Pyramid

mayan pyramid

Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor, Earthfiles.com, wrote about the finding of this third inner pyramid inside the Mayan Pyramid. She goes on to say, “The new structure is not completely in the center of the Kukulkan pyramid. It is in the direction where the cenote (underground water) is. This could either confirm or hypothesize that the Mayans when they built this structure knew of the existence of this (underground) cenote.”

mayan pyramid

Inside this Mayan-Toltec Kukulkan limestone pyramid at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan
Peninsula of Mexico are two smaller pyramids. Built in 800 A.D., now a third most inner pyramid
has been discovered by noninvasive imaging technology called “tri-dimensional electric resistivity
tomography” used by researchers from the School of Engineering, National Autonomous
University of Mexico (UNAM).The outer large pyramid is 98 feet
(30 m) high and each base side is 181 feet (55.3 m).

mayan inner diagram of pyramidmayan inner diagram of pyramid

The newly imaged most inner pyramid (brown above) is 33 feet tall (10 m). The pyramid surrounding
the inner one is green in illustration and was discovered in the 1930s. The underground water is
the Cavidad illustrated as blue triangle below Kukulkan. Illustration by UNAM.

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