CIA Buries The Truth About UFOs In 13 Million Declassified Documents

What’s up people? Welcome back to UFO News. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the United States government has recently disclosed upwards of 13 million documents. Ranging from top secret programs involving psychic abilities, to the investigations into UFOs and extraterrestrial life. If you do a quick Google search about this subject, you’ll find exactly how much traction this history has gained.

It’s been covered by the media, by YouTube canals, and I’ve even had a couple exchanges about it in the line of a coffee shop. You know the one common thing I’ve noticed about all of the tales in regards to this release? People seem to be really excited about it, and that’s a good thing. But this isn’t the first time the government has declassified documents issued for this nature. In fact, the FBI has en entire website called The Vault, which is spefically designed to handle these requests. It acts as a searchable database for the public to employ to construct gazing through these files a bit more convenient. Some of your is also able to recollect hearing about the vault in the news. Back when the story was released there was quite a lot of buzz about it then as well. Which leads me to the point of this video. We’ve seen all the news articles about the release of these 13 million documents, but you know what we haven’t seen? Not a damn thing merit really talking about.

There are some interesting things in this release, don’t get me wrong. But as far as it being believable evidence that could take us close to revealing, or get anywhere near a real fact? Not a chance! The only thing people trust lower than the mainstream media is the United States government. Does anybody out there really think that the gatekeepers of the extraterrestrial existence on Earth, the same people who have retained us in the dark for decades, would suddenly liberate any sort of meaningful testify in these files? Of course not. If the governmental forces wants to keep something secret, they’re going to do it, and there’s not a single thing that anyone can do about it. As I’ve mentioned in a previous video, the word “national security” imparts them the ability of preserving anything they crave from reaching the public domain. Now, occasionally there are rifts in the system. Sometimes things do slip through.

So perhaps when I say there’s nothing we can do about it I’m going a little bit too far. After all, we’re here right now talking about this very subject. Do you want to know the real is why they liberate these documents? The answer is pretty simple. The entire thing was meant to be a distraction. A giant smokescreen that would be impossible to navigate through. The quantity of FOIA requests mailed the governmental forces per year is pretty staggering. You don’t even have to wonder how many were mailed because they actually have a website that’s designed to tell you.

Do you want to know how many FOIA requests had to do with UFOs and foreigners? Way more than they wanted to deal with. If you weren’t projecting on liberating this information, but you were constantly being asked to, wouldn’t you get a little sick and tired of it? And from their perspective, it expenses occasion, money and effort to keep deflecting these questions. So what do they decide to do? Release once and for all, release the mother load of documents that will absolutely bury is in a heap of garbage that we might invest the next 10 times sifting through. And it’s actually a pretty smart move on their duty, considering their real reason was truly simply to be able to say that once and for all you have all the files that we possible have, so any future FOIA requests on these topics can be referred back to the documents we’ve already presented you. There’s no need to ask any more topics, because we’ve already presented you all the answers. And if the administration wants to keep something secret, there’s really not much that we can do about it. The word national protection imparts them the ability to keep anything they crave from reaching the public domain.

They don’t even have to explain why something is a threat to national protection. Because even mentioning the very thing that induces it a threat to national protection they can say is a threat to national protection. So it becomes a ego fulfilling prophecy. It’s sort of like a snake devouring its own tail. The release imparts them the illusion of cooperation with the public But it’s just that. A clever illusion. The most ironic duty about this entire thing is that they don’t even have to work very hard to sell it. All they have to do is make an announcement to CNN or Fox News and within a matter of hours have websites across the entire world instantaneously reporting on it. And people think it’s really cool and I don’t accuse them for that. They think it’s going to lead them to some answers. There are some fascinating goodies in there, but there simply sprinkled in just enough to not get you thinking about what’s really going on. And it’s this sort of exhilaration that backfires When nobody is willing to take a closer look or examine the event in a closer space we end up simply doing their work for them and I don’t think that that’s an accident.

If the government is willing to spy on every single person on the entire planet, every telephone call registered, every text content captured, every email imitated, every movement and locating and document tracked, cataloged and preserved for future citation. Then do you really think that these same people, who in their own brains are acting in the best interest of Americans, wouldn’t be willing to keep this type of a thing trade secrets? Of course they are able to! They are preserving it trade secrets. They will continue to keep it trade secrets. And it’s going to take either us, or something else to uncover the truth. Someone lately asked me if they believed there was any possible space the government could be involved in revealing. And I think there are a couple reasons to think that it’s possible. But for each reason that it is possible, I can give you 13 million reasons why it’s not. Thanks for watching UFO News. Like, comment, subscribe if you enjoy the videos. A few clicks goes a long way. If you want to get instantly notified whenever our videos get released Hit the notifications button right next to the subscribe button.

Thanks for watching UFO News and I’ll catch you guys on the next video ..

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